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1) What does coconut soy wax mean?

- Our vegan wax is made mostly from coconut oils and mixed with soy wax. It is very creamy and has excellent scent throw. Our signature wax blend ensures an even burn and is sourced in the USA.

2) How do I avoid tunneling?

-Tunneling occurs when the candle has not yet been burned long enough to create an even melt pool. We recommend when you first light your candle, to allow the melt pool to spread evenly as candle wax can have a 'memory' after each burn. It takes about 2-3 hours for an even melt.

3) My wick won't re-light. Help!

-Ensure you have trimmed your wick! Each wick should be trimmed before re-lighting. Take off most of the burnt pieces with a paper towel or an old nail clipper or scissors. 

Wooden wicks should be trimmer shorter than cotton as the flames can burn warmer and taller. 

Our new high performing cotton braided wicks are made especially for our wax. They burn slower than wood wicks and are easier to maintain.

We recommend to use a wick trimmer--available in our shop! Wick trimmers are a lifesaver with candle maintenance AND is an excellent accessory for all candle lovers.

4) What are your fragrance oils made of?

-Our fragrance oils are selectively chosen and we only choose to use phthalate and toxin free oils! This ensures you can be confident that what you are burning in your home is safe. Our oils are derived from essential oils all over the world, such as real lavender oil from France. 

5) How long do your candles last?

-Our wax burns about 1 oz. per every 4-5 hours. It is important to avoid burning your candle for more than 4 hours at a time to be able to control soot and the flame. Candles need to 'rest'....just like us! Proper care will get you the most burn time out of your candle.